Thursday, January 11, 2007



There is a task you must finish. You’ve been delaying things for sometime now and they’re coming back to haunt you. Finish these ASAP, and you’ll have fun without worries.


Exploring new places excites you, but watch your step! Being cautious is the key to preventing mishaps. Let your mind and body wander at the wonders of seeing new places and rediscovering old ones.


You deserve a fab break! A fun-filled vacation is in the works. Be sure you watch what you eat because an upset tummy can ruin all the joys of summer.


Play it cool while deciding which summer classes to take. Make sure to try something new! Be firm with your decisions so you won’t waste any time and money.


Do some spring cleaning this summer. A lot of clutter creates chaos, not to mention a mad mom! Friends are welcome to drop by when everything is put back in its place.


Keep your teddy bear close to you. There’s nothing better than a good snuggle after a bad day. Let tears flow. Nothing should stop you from pursuing your plans, so walk away from people who put you down.


Getting butterflies in your stomach when he’s around? Stay cool and keep things to yourself first. Let him make the first move to see if he’s really interested.


You’ve been waiting for this moment. Now there’s loads of time to do whatever you want! You’ll see a different side to people, something that’s been hidden before.


Feeling left out? Update yourself with the latest trends! Since you excel at anything related to food, why don’tyou take cooking lessons to learn how to whip up your favorite dishes?


Bored? Get involved in your community’s activities. You have an inner desire to give to others this month, so why not join groups that lend a hand? It’s also the time to listen more than to talk.


Be yourself when love comes. Honesty will go a long way! Things may get boring at home, but try not to laze around and stuff yourself with junk food. Get active!


Simplicity is the key to having lots of fun this month. It shouldn’t cost you much to have the best birthday party ever. Hanging out with your best buds over ice cream and snacks will be okay! A relative becomes a great companion, so turn to her for guidance. Dubious schemes and quick fixes never produce the best results. You’ll go back to square one.

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